Pathfynders aims to build out communities with decentralized content. These communities plan to leverage blockchain for the purpose of filtering out false or misleading information through user voting and engagement on content submitted on the platform. Communities, in this case, refer to categories of information. For example, a fitness community will host fitness-related education. Someone who is new to cannabis for medicinal purposes will look for information within a cannabis community.

There are key components to ensure sustainable communities. There are stakeholders in this communities and each stakeholder will find value in order to participate. In Pathfynders communities, there are 3 stakeholders within the platform’s ecosystem: the users, the content publishers, and the businesses.

Stakeholder 1: Users

The users want to know that when they join  a community they’re going to gain valuable knowledge about their topic of interest. Similar to submitting a query on Google, Pathfynders users can benefit from searching via the platform with the goal of finding answer or helpful information. The platform will host high-quality, engaging content for users to be rewarded for logging on to learn. Rewarding users with tokens for engagement on the platform with the purpose of being educated on any topic they want, utilize the leverage of blockchain. Rewards, which come intokens, are earned by voting on content, using content, any action that improves the curation of the information.

Stakeholder 2: Content Publishers

Leading into the second stakeholder, the content publishers. These could include influencers, brands, businesses, content creators, and anyone else who wishes to share content. By sharing you are a publisher. Publishers publish the content within the communities and then let the communities validate that content. Once validated, the rewards system is also applicable for publishers to earn tokens for their content. The more users consume a publisher’s content, the more validation and acceptance is given within its community, and in turn, more tokens.. Positive reinforcement encourages the community to engage. When people are rewarded for their meaningful contributions, they will be encouraged to continue contributing and the community will grow as a result.  This synergy between individuals’ contributions and cryptocurrency gives Pathfynders an advantage in its market.

Stakeholder 3: Businesses

Similar to how the world thrives with commerce, businesses are what help the ecosystem thrive. Same with the communities, the platform needs business stakeholders to be present within this ecosystem. Products are used every day;however finding the right product for each individual is tasking. Pathfynders aims to have limited to no censorship as long as the information is applicable to its respective community. These communities will focus on areas such as cannabis, health, and fitness, fine arts, etc., all of which are industries that have dealt with censorship issues before.

Stakeholders Coming Together - The Ecosystem

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